Red Bulls defeat and breaks perfection for Orlando City

On a cold and rainy afternoon at Red Bull Arena, the New York Red Bulls hosted one of three undefeated sides remaining in MLS as Orlando City came up north, but after two losing results on the road, the home side got cooking and had a masterful performance as they took down Orlando City by a final score of two goals to one.

The Red Bulls had a fantastic opening 45 minutes as they hustled, created, and defended Orlando City very well. layers and layers of attacking runs towards the net as you saw Frankie Amaya along with Caden Clark and Cristian Casserers Jr. bringing the ball up the field and crossing it into the middle of the park, but in the 35th minute, the home side converted.

After Tom Edwards won the ball in midfield, the Red Bulls attacked. As Clark crossed it to Daniel Royer, he headed the ball towards Patryk Klimala who settled it down. He got himself into a better position to whip a cross in front of goal and Clark sneaks in to poke it home for his fourth of the season and his fourth goal scored at Red Bull Arena

“We have a great relationship off the field and on the field, so I know he has the quality. That is the thing I kind of touched on earlier against Galaxy,” Said Caden Clark, “I was not in the box, so I think I got my other goal by going in the box as well, so I think for me just being aggressive in the box and getting forward and that is my job. Patryk [Klimala] is a great player and we are good friends off the field, so I think it is showing on the field now.

“Yeah, that has kind of been my game for all my life. It is just that player that can create an issue and you never know what is going to happen in the box, so that is why it is the main goal for me to get in the box and anything can happen. I was fortunate enough that it came to me again. Yea, I am just going to keep trying to get in the box and hopefully, something will fall to my feet.”

unfortunately for the Red Bulls, Frankie Amaya got hurt during that chance. When he got up and tried to continue, his time was up as he knew he was injured and was subbed out for Dru Yearwood who returned from his one-match suspension and performed strong again. Yearwood was involved every time he had possession of the ball.

At the hour mark, The Red Bulls got a free kick opportunity and who would step up to the challenge, but Cristian Casserers Jr. took the free-kick from about over 25 yards away from the net. All Casserers did was smash a free-kick, just over the wall and just inside the far upper 90, that Gallese never went for, nor stood a chance to stop it. A big Golaso from the Venezuelan International put the cub ahead by two.

Cristian is absolutely the player what I love in this system, and in this principle what I will see my players going in action and I think Cristian makes today, outstanding brilliant performance against the ball he wins so many duels, he was always on the ball, cleaner like the last games he was for the whole team, so, so important.” said Gerhart Struber, “I can see especially with him, he makes the improvements what we want in the direction that he is more on the field, not a normal player, he’s also on the field, as a leader, he takes his responsibility, he taking the last third when he goes in the in-fight his big duty to win the balls, he understand my football exactly. He is an example of that, what I will see every week from him.”

While Orlando City did pull one back by Van Der Water, it wasn’t enough for them to try and get an equalizer as the defense remained strong and tough. Tom Edwards who is a full-back has played a little bit of Center Back for Stoke in the past, did not look out of place and he worked well with Sean Nealis in the center of the field to stop shots.

Now the Red Bulls are going to take this long international break as some will be ready for international tournaments and resting up to prepare to restart the league when Nashville SC comes over in a little over two weeks and see old friends face them at Red Bull Arena. But for now they can celebrate this win.

The New York Red Bulls are heading back home for a quick match against Orlando City before they begin the international break, after a two-match road trip that saw them drop points at Philadelphia and at New England, the club in red will now try to right the ship with Orlando City coming over to Red Bull Arena.

At the moment Orlando City is in second place of the Eastern Conference with 12 points and an undefeated record of three wins and three draws But the club will be without an important cog in their starting eleven as former Manchester United and Portugal International Nani will finish off a two-match suspension from MLS after a questionable situation by putting his hands on the referee at DC United back on Sunday, May 16th

“We can see Orlando can play very well on the ball, they have a good structure to have success, especially the midfielders and the wingers including Chris Mueller, and many players who have the high ability to have good performances.” said Gerhard Struber, “For us, we realize that Nani is not on board for Saturday.

“For us, it’s not a major change as we know that Nani has a big impact on this team, also the other players are on that same high level on this team. they play well in front and it will be a strong challenge for my team. We will fight with high intensity and it will be 100% percent for my squad.”

Right now the Center Back position is in flux, With the season-ending injury to Aaron Long, and Amro Tarek still on the injury list, Andres Reyes will be serving his one-match suspension for his reckless fouling at the Revolution last week. So who will be replacing those players missing from the position and partnering up with Sean Nealis? Nonother than the new addition who is on loan from Stoke in England, but Tom Edwards who has seen the action as a fullback on the right side of the backline.

“So my previous loan was playing at Fleetwood and I played Center back over there. I loved it, I enjoyed it, I feel very comfortable over there. I can express myself a little bit more. When he (Struer) asked me if I don’t mind playing at center back I said I feel comfortable over there, either the three or the two.” said Edwards, “As long as I am on the pitch, at Center back I’m comfortable, Obviously I can play Right Back, but being at Center you play more in the middle of the pitch and I enjoy playing no matter where I am on the pitch.”

Edwards has been enjoying his team since coming to the New York Red Bulls on loan from Stoke. He has dived in with both feet and he hasn’t asked for any advice from any English player who has come to MLS or to the New York Red Bulls. Obviously, we’ve had Lloyd Sam, Bradley Wright-Phillips, Wayne Rooney’s brother John who was a hero in a US Open Cup match a long time ago against defunct FC new York of the USL, but outside of that, it’s nice to see another Englishman come over and get a chance to show what he is made of.

The one positive so far in this matchup is we should see the return of Dru Yearwood after he served his one-match suspension against the Revolution last week, even though he performed for the USL Bulls in Championship League play with a two-goal road draw at the Charleston Battery, he should be ready to roll if he gets selected for the starting 11 or coming off the bench.

So buckle up and get ready for another early afternoon tilt at Red Bull Arena before the international break comes in. This young squad will be challenged once again and let’s see what will happen during this big matchup against the Purple and Gold of Orlando City as they take on the Red Bulls.

When the news of the COVID-19 Pandemic started to spread across the country, back in March of 2020, there was panic and fear across our nation, not knowing what to do. Professional sports were shut down and our normal daily lives were put on hold. The number of people who were either infected or died from this pandemic was shocking and very upset at the loss of loved ones.

When professional sports came back, we had one location bubble, to restart the seasons in all leagues, with the exception of Major League Baseball having a delay to start their season. Major League Soccer and the lower levels brought their teams back to their respective stadiums after a successful MLS is Back Tournament that was played at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

For over a year all MLS stadiums were empty, but only allowing a handful of media members to enter and work in a different location of the stadiums so that they would stay away from the player’s benches, so not to risk another new outbreak. But after a year has passed since the news of this coronavirus was announced, it looks like things are about to get better.

While in Florida and Texas they were allowing fans in small numbers to return to the stadium, the majority of the country was playing in empty stadiums. When this season began a small number of fans were allowed in, but now in late May and going into the middle of June it looks like all outdoor stadiums will be opening to full capacity.

The hardest-hit area of course was the tri-state area of New York City, New Jersey & Connecticut with many people infected or died from this terrible pandemic. On Saturday, May 29th Red Bull Arena will be allowed to have a full capacity crowd when they host Orlando City in an early afternoon affair. New Jersey State Governor Phil Murphy made the announcement back on Monday, May 24th.

While this is a wonderful moment to see and state governments are now starting to ease or fully open as this pandemic looks to be winding down, there might be some hesitation by people to not remove their masks when they visit a sporting event either outdoors or indoors. But if there is a moment I can give advice to you, let me say that you should go at your own comfort level.

If you feel that this entire situation is over, then don’t wear a mask, if you believe there is still a danger, then please continue to wear a mask. If you feel you would rather stay home than just do so. No one should force you to do something if you don’t want to. But I have to say that it feels good to hear the numbers are going down with the infections of this pandemic, but be aware and remain strong if there is a hint of catching this again if it hasn’t restarted already.

On a personal level, I am happy that we will see a form of going back to normal and not having to wear a mask anymore. Not only has it ruined my nose with so much acne growing on it, but just to not look like a sci-fi horror movie in real life. I hope that this situation never happens again and we can move on from this terrible time in our country’s history as well as the world’s history.

The New York Red Bulls traveled up I-95 to face a loaded New England Revolution side that has been strong at home and looked unstoppable to start the 2021 MLS season. But to be fair it looked like the visitors had them right where they want them until a red card came out against them as a ten men Red Bulls side fell to the New England Revolution by a final of three goals to one.

The Red Bulls opened the game with a fantastic effort as they were able to score first in this match early. In the 7th minute they earned a corner along the near side, Frankie Amaya delivered a beautiful ball inside the area and out of nowhere Andres Reyes flew inside the area and headed the ball past Matt Turner to open the scoring in the 7th minute. The former Inter Miami Center Back already cashed in a goal to start his Red Bulls campaign.

But while the match was going on, Reyes was playing a strong defensive game. He made a few solid defensive plays, stole the ball away, and able to help link up to an attacking run, that was thwarted by Turner. But once the poor decision-making began, everything fell apart from Reyes. He earned his first yellow card of the night in the 31st minute when he fouled Matt Polster with a shoulder challenge that sent Polster into the ad boards.

He earned his second yellow card and of course saw red on a two-footed challenge seven minutes later that put the Red Bulls down to ten men. While at first, the challenge didn’t look that bad on replay, the manner of the challenge wasn’t that bad, but when you have a yellow card already given to you, you shouldn’t make another rash decision at all.

“We can see in the first 30 minutes that Andrés makes a very good job. I think he has every moment under control in 1-v-1 moments and also in headers. Also, he pushed up the last line on the right way.” said Gerhard Struber, “I think in many moments he makes a good job and in some moments he must learn that he needs the right balance. I think this is a for him is the big next step, that he is also with the high aggression on the field, and he can bring the right balance with the aggression in the right moment. I think he missed this in two times and consequence has a big impact in our game.”

The Revolution were able to level the score at one in the 36th minute when Gustavo Boa got a great feed from Arnor Traustason as he looped a ball and Boa staying onside was able to break out and smash the ball past Carlos Coronel. You would like to think that ending the first half leveled at one, was going to be a safe way for this young side to regroup, and be ready for the second half. But sadly Coronel didn’t get that memo.

Inside first-half stoppage time. Tajon Buchanan got a great look to sneak the ball past Coronel that gave the Revolution a one-goal lead. As Buchanan cut inside the area from the far side, he was ready to take a shot and tuck it inside the front post. Coronel allowed Buchanan to tuck it in, by pushing off the far post and trying to stop a pass, when it was a shot.

Eve thought the Red Bulls regrouped and stayed tough to play with a man down, Adam Buksa in the 82nd minute was able to poke home the third goal for the Revolution to take the full three points. While this is a young side that is playing decently, there are the mental errors that continue to show the growing pains of this squad, while six matches have been played, there is still plenty of time to fix the problems and move forward.

‘It is disappointing anytime you lose a game and today is no different, especially when we had a strong start to the match something that we focused on, and we executed, and it is super disappointing to lose this game on a number of different levels. Yeah, it is frustrating to come back again and lose a game.” said Sean Davis, “Looking back on the game, I wish we did a better job of managing the end of the first half, getting into the locker room I think that would have helped morale and to give up a goal right before halftime is tough, so we have to continue to learn from these experiences, but come halftime

“I think Gerhard [Struber], adjusted the formation and made the necessary adjustments. I am proud of the group for the effort, it was not easy out there especially against a team like New England and we fought until the end. We have to take the good and the bad from this game, but overall, I am proud of the group for how we stuck together. We had a lot of fight in us, and we just have to continue to learn. Ultimately, that is going to add up to getting points on the road and that is our next step as a team.”

The Red Bulls head back to Red Bull Arena next week to host a Nani-less Orlando City team that will be another tough opponent, as they will look to display how good they area. Then the International Calendar comes into play, with the CONCACAF Nations League Semi-Finals for the USA and the continuation of World Cup Qualifying.

As the season is getting on there is no shortage of challenges for this young Rd Bulls side as they will face the majority of their regular-season schedule against the Eastern Conference. Up and down the East Coast with trips to Ohio & Illinois, the Red Bulls are going to get severely challenged as they will face stiff competition in the 2021 season.

But as we all know that challenge on the backline will not feature Center back Aaron Long as he is done for the rest of the season with that surgically repaired Ruptured Achilles tendon that he suffered in the last match at the Philadelphia Union. With no Long and no Amro Tarek right now due to injury, the Backline will have Andreas Reyes to sub in for Long, but it’s still tough not to have him out there to play with.

“It’s a very tough loss for us, he’s a very prominent player for us, he’s also a prominent player for the US National Team as well. We all know we have to step up more, we need to give a little more.” said sean Nealis, “Personally I’m gutted by it, I loved playing with him, loved learning from him the last few years.

“He’s got an amazing story, I only wish him the best for his recovery for him and we want to help with anything we can, but right now we have to focus on New England and do our best.”

This will be a difficult matchup for the Red Bulls as the Revolution is being managed by Bruce Arena and we all know how tactical and demanding Bruce Arena can be. A decorated manager with several MLS Cups, US Open Cup, Inter America Cup nad as manager of the US Men’s National Team, Bruce Arena has shown why he continues to get jobs in MLS and spending two stints during international play. Gerhard Struber is going to have his hands full to face and try to outwit Arena in the technical area.

“I have big respect for his experience and for the many trophies that he has won, it’s a very successful coach and I had the chance to watch the game at Philadelphia with my entire coaching staff.” said Struber, “I think the team has grown up as I looked at them last year, I think they play more physical and plenty of long balls.

“They are playing on the ground while controlling the ball. They can move the ball strong, they have some key players, as it will be an absolute challenge, to face an opponent like them at this level. I think we have the right game plan for this match and the right attitude. We will bring a very good performance from us with high intensity, we will see how the Revolution will handle our style of play.”

While the Revolution have played strong as a unit, their top players in Carles Gil & Gustavo Boe put them into a higher level of danger. These are the players that the backline must be careful of when these two players have the ball, and they can find a way to punch it into the back of the net.

“There’s a lot of great strikers in this league, weak in, and week out we have to be ready. We have watched a lot of film to prepare ourselves to be ready, we know that Bruce Arena will have them prepared and ready to go. We will be ready to face them and give it our best.” said Sean Nealis.

As always Gillette Stadium has been a house of horrors for the Red Bulls for a very long time. Even during the Jesse Marsch era where the Red Bulls have had some success, it’s still a tough place to play for the Red Bulls especially the field turf that they need to battle through ninety minutes, but maybe Struber might have something up his sleeve to get the full three points.

The Red Bulls took a loss down in Philadelphia but took a bigger loss for the club. Central defender of the club and for the US Men’s National Team, Aaron Long who had successful surgery on his ruptured Achilles Tendon on Monday, May 17thth will be out for the remainder of the 2021 Season. A big blow to the plans of Gerhard Struber and the amount of International matches the US Men’s National Team are going to have this summer and into the winter to qualify for the World Cup.

In second-half stoppage time in the loss to the Philadelphia Union, Long was challenging a ball that was in the air, when he came down to land, he buckled and went to the ground quickly. The replay showed Long being picked up by two of his teammates and helping him to the far side touchline where he stayed waiting for help from the training staff before the final whistle blew.

In 2016 Aaron Long was signed to play for Red Bulls 2 in USL Championship after being drafted by the Portland Timbers in 2014, then singed to the Seattle Sounders and playing for their two team in 2015. Since joining the Red bulls Long has played in 125 matches, scoring nine goals in all competitions. Long has been a solid center-back, using his gifts to make fantastic stops and when he’s able to, add a goal whenever he can.

If this season wasn’t going to be challenging enough for the Red Bulls, they will now have to go along without their top center back, but they also have to worry about possibly missing Amro Tarek, who was also injured in the first half at the Union, when he was subbed out for Tom Edwards because Tarek is also a center-back playing as a right fullback in that game. Struber has to hope the injury isn’t too bad and if they have to, they might have to bring up someone from the USL Bulls to fill in.

But until then, the Red Bulls are going to have to move forward without Aaron Long for the remainder of the season, I wish Long a speedy recovery and he can get back to the pitch healthy and ready to go in 2022.

The New York Red Bulls went down to face the Philadelphia Union at Subaru Park to take advantage against the home side, as they played a midweek matchup against the New England Revolution. You would think the visitors would have an advantage heading down the New Jersey Turnpike. Sadly the Red Bulls couldn’t do the deal as they fell to the Union by a final of one goal to nil.

After a corner was delivered and a flick header was missed by Daniel Royer, the Union started to make their attacking run that began in the midfield. As the ball was headed in the air a few times, a collision in midfield took down two Red Bulls players, and then the Union started their attack, Anthony Fontana passes to Jamiro Monteiro on the near side, and then lays it off to Corey Burke. Burke edged Kyle Duncan on his run and chipped the ball past Carlos Coronel as it rolled in the net for the only goal of the match in the 9th minute.

Coronel made a slight error coming off his line to try and stop the ball, as he hesitated very slightly, and when he wasn’t in a good position to come out a little more, that’s when Burke took his chance. while sliding on the pitch Burke tapped the ball away and got his second of the season. But if you looked at the replay, there looked to be a foul on the Union just before or as the pass was made.

“We’re going to look back and watch the film and be really disappointed in that first half. I don’t think it was a mature performance. I think we look like a young team at times.” said Sean Davis, “I think that falls on the veterans it falls on us not getting the team prepared in the right way when the game starts and managing things on the field the right way.

“But I just thought we lost our duels. We were second to a lot too much. And then we weren’t good enough on the ball. So halftime, we had to make some adjustments, we got to be honest with ourselves. And the second half was better, we created some good looks. But you know, it’s going to be difficult to pick up points on the road with a start like that. So a big, big lesson for us.”

The Red Bulls were being outdueled in the midfield during the match, but when the second half came, Gerhard Struber was able to make substitutions and that made the visitors very dangerous, but sadly no goals or clear chances to get goals. When Patryk Klimala subbed into the match, he showed some promise and excitement. Especially trying to tuck in the ball inside the net, while you are on the goal line at the far side. Sadly the ball rolled along the goal line and never went in. If that ball did go completely over the goal line, without a doubt that would’ve been a goal of the week winner.

But inside second-half stoppage time we had our first clash between these two sides as a hard foul was delivered from the Union’s Leon Flach, but after he committed the foul, it was Dru Yearwood who was already on a yellow, shoved him down and he received his second yellow card, then red. That means Dru Yearwood is now suspended for the next road match in New England. How did Struber feel about this match for the club?

“Disappointed moment, we expect today different results, other results but in the end, we lose this game. I think in many, many actions on the same level we created especially in the second half, some good moments for us, some good chances for us, but in the end, we are a little bit unlucky to score.” said Struber, “In that first half, we have one moment we are not ready enough to stop the transition, we know that, especially in transition moments that Philly has a lot of power and a lot of strength.

“At this moment, we are not clear enough to manage the moment that the situation. And then after that, I think the game was on the same level, chances for Philly, chances for us. In the end the frustrating moment, it’s not an easy situation.”

Both Aaron Long and Amro Tarek received injuries in this match, but more concern for Long as it looks like when he challenged the ball in the air inside second-half stoppage time, he landed wrong. Long was helped to the sidelines as he couldn’t put any weight on the injured leg. Hopefully, it won’t be a long spell on the injury list.

But for the Red Bulls, it’s back to the drawing board and now they need to get ready for a New England Revolution side that will not slow down and have dangerous players along with the Head Coach and Sporting Director in Bruce Arena. It should be interesting how Struber and Arena will match wits between themselves in the next match up in Foxboro.

Since the start of the 2021 Season, the Red Bulls began with a two-game losing streak, then went on a two-game winning streak, as they try to continue this current winning streak that is currently at two games. Their next match will be on the road and not too far away, as they head down the New Jersey Turnpike to take on the Philadelphia Union who are currently in ninth place in the East with five points.

The lone MLS representative in the CONCACAF Champions League, the Union got off to a hot start by defeating Deportivo Saprissa in the Round of 16, then shocked the region with a three-goal clean sheet win at Atlanta United in the Quarterfinals, then advancing to the Semi-Finals with an August date against Club America of Liga MX. The danger man to watch out for is the Polish striker Kacper Przybylko and let’s also not forget US International Alejandro Bedoya who makes the midfield strong.

“Philly is one of the biggest teams in the MLS. they are still in the Champions League.” said Gerhard Struber, “We know they have many games in their brains and bodies, they have a clear identity to play successful football. For us, it is very important as we know the strength and the weakness of the team. For us it’s very important to make the next step in our principles.

“The last two games show us in many times we are on the right way, the whole roster makes a very good job in our principles, we believe the spirit and the energy of the team are on a very good level. This is going to be very helpful on Saturday against a big team like the Philadelphia Union.”

The number one concern for the Red Bulls is defending against a tough-nosed striker like Kacper Przybylko who is on a roll with scoring five goals in the CONCACAF Champions League and leveling the score in mid-week action against the New England Revolution. While the Union only has five points in five matches, this will be a tough job for the backline and for Carlos Coronel to keep that ball out of the net.

‘”I would say it’s just like defending any other attacker. You just go into the game and trust your abilities. Przybylsko is an attacker, I’m a defender, it’s my job to try and stop him from getting clear chances.” Said Kyle Duncan, “You have to treat it like any other away game, they will have their fans there, so they will be motivated from that. I feel like when we go into that game, we just have to trust our tactics and play the way we have in the last two games.”

We hope to see the Red Bulls try and earn revenge on the Union after getting swept by them last season. A 1-0 loss at Subaru Park, then a three goal loss at Red Bull Arena, when Bradley Carnell took over as interim head coach of the club. The good news is that the Red Bulls didn’t play in mid-week and let’s hope they can take advantage of a tired Union side who were behind the Revolution on Wednesday, and get the full three points on the road.

On a wet and overcast day at Red Bull Arena, the New York Red Bulls welcomed back their former head coach Chris Armas to the friendly confines of their home. But in this match it was the home side that came out on the front foot and pressed TFC as they earned a solid two goal clean sheet victory and are now on a two match winning streak.

After pressing and looking dangerous in the opening 15 minutes, the Red Bulls finally took advantage of Toronto, who was just eliminated from CONCACAF Champions League play by Cruz Azul, who was picked off in the 32nd minute. Caden Clark picks off the ball from the Toronto Defender and attacks the area. He found Fabios inside the Toronto area, lays it off to Frankie Amaya, and then a rip that was tucked inside the near post for his first with the Red Bulls.

“Yeah I think Caden won the ball, he started dribbling and that’s my time to just take off and go forward. He passed it to Fabio and Fabio laid it off to me.” said Amaya, “I was calling for it and I looked up, I looked at the goal and I just shot it, thankfully it went in. 

“It’s exciting to be here because we have a lot of young guys, a lot of young guys that are hungry to go out and compete every single day, and work for each other. I think everybody’s on the same page and I think that really makes it a lot easier, because we have one goal and everybody knows the plan, and I think it’s very easy to play with players like that. I’m just excited to be a Red Bull and work for the whole organization, and the staff and everybody here. “

The Red Bulls weren’t done yet, as they continued to their strong press, making important substitutions and when Dru Yearwood came into the match, he sprung the offense into action. He brought the ball down the made of the field and made a pass to Fabio who was wide open to receive the ball. He was thwarted by Toronto Goalkeeper Alex Bono, but the ball was loose, Clark was on his horse to get towards the ball and toe-poked it home for his third of the season to give the Red Bulls a two-goal lead and the boys win their second of the season and a clean sheet for goalkeeper Carlos Coronel.

While this is a fantastic win for the Red Bulls, as they have back to back clean sheet wins, this is a young side that looks to be on point and hopefully starting to put together strong performances in this young season Even though Fabio who is on loan from his club Oeste FC in Brazil, he has looked strong and has set up his teammates in these past two games. He hasn’t scored yet, but that will come very soon.

Gerhard Struber is a very happy man to see his young team coming together and proving to him that they are capable of playing his high press system. So far he sounds like a very proud Dad with his post-game comments. To hear Struber beaming in his voice is showing that his players are coming together in the right way, and they are getting stronger in these last two matches.

“I think the next win, and especially in the second half, a performance that makes me very happy. Especially transition moments, our counter-pressing, the organization in the last line, shows me that we are very good in our progress, or we make the right progress in the process and this is very important,” said Struber, “I can see Frankie’s [Amaya] first goal for our team, Caden’s [Clark] first assist for our team, and in the end, we have with [John] Tolkin a debut. Very, very nice to see and the whole team works very, very hard with the big effort today for success, for a good performance, and in the end for the right result. 

“We know that Toronto is a Champions League team and I think in some moments we can see that they have brilliant players in their roster, it was not so easy always to handle that, but especially in the second half I think we find the key and we go very powerful through the door and yeah, I am very proud today of my team and especially about the process. “

So it’s time to rest up and get ready for a real test as the Red Bulls travel down the New Jersey turnpike to take on a red hot Philadelphia Union that will attempt to make a big splash in the CONCACAF Champions League against Club America.

The New York Red Bulls quickly got their first win of the season when they took on the Chicago Fire last week, they were able to end their losing streak that started their season. The hope with this new squad of young players, they will now continue to play better, as well as string together a couple of more wins and climb the standings of the Eastern Conference.

But now the Red Bulls are getting ready to face a Toronto FC Side that have been eliminated from the CONCACAF Champions LEague. After a Quarterfinal elimination at the hands of Cruz Azul, we will see what Toronto FC will have in store for the Red Bulls at Red Bull Arena. One of those moments is the return of Chris Armas who surprisingly got a head coaching job during the offseason.

As a member of Jesse Marsch’s coaching staff, he was able to help the young players get involved with the tactics of the club, and he took over the head coaching duties when Marsch left for Red Bull Leipzig as the assistant coach, as well as the future head coach at Leipzig but a stop at Salzburg where he won two Austrian Bundesliga titles and an Austrian FA Cup. While Armas didn’t have a successful stint as head coach of the Red Bulls, he was liked and respected. Just like he helped Sean Davis with his game.

“Chris is a guy who has played at the highest level, and that includes my position. He had so many National Team caps and was very successful in MLS.” Said Davis, “So there was no better guy to learn from especially at a formidable age. I am super thankful for the time he taught me at training either after training or in the film room. He gave time to so many players and worked hard to get them ready to play.”

In these past three games, only the road loss to the Los Angeles Galaxy was a poor performances as they allowed three goals to Javier Hernandez. Two of them could have been prevented, but you can say they have played at least two strong games that were at Red Bull Arena. But the one player who has been strong so far within these first three matches is Caden Clark.

His technical ability to convert two goals and is tied with the lead in goals with Cristian Casserers Jr. with two has made head coach Gerhard Struber happy and excited to have a player like him who is gifted at the age of 17. “I see him every day at training, he is very hungry for his next step, he is coachable and he is learning the right way.” said Struber, “I can see his learning curve going the right way, it gives me a very good feeling about him. This is necessary for a talented player like him. He is not easing up after scoring a goal, or after a win or a loss, he will improve because of his demeanor and his hunger to get better in the next match.”

We all know Toronto FC has strong players like Michael Bradley, Jozy Altidore and Jonathan Osorio. regardless of their start. what will be the Red Bulls worry with players of this high caliber. “I think they are a good team and they have shown that in the past couple of years. They are trying to find their new identity right now.” said Andrew Gutman, “They like to play direct, they like to pressure you or sit in, but there’s going to be a lot of adjusting of what we want to do. We have to adapt and we must be sharp with the ball, because they can punish you.”

While the season is still young, these games are very important for the Red Bulls to climb the ladder in the regular season and try to earn a playoff spot. They can’t bury themselves and at the same time the younger players can’t lose focus during the matches, or else they will get destroyed, just like the road loss at the Los Angeles Galaxy. It’s time for them to start a winning streak and it has to be done at Toronto’s expense.

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