Red Bulls continue road trip with a match at Atlanta United

So far the Red Bulls haven’t had a result on the road to start this 2021 campaign. The club did have a better performance in their second trip to Gillette Stadium down three goals but tried to make a comeback, which was a goal short of earning their first points on the road. So their net road trip is down in the Peach State, where the club has remained undefeated in the regular season.

As the news broke out about Caden Clark leaving the New York Red Bulls at the end of the current MLS to Red Bull Leipzig, of course, there were plenty of emotions going around the club and the supporters as well. A talented young kid who has started converting chances into goals with seven in all competitions and becoming the new face of the club, until his rights were snatched up from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Gerhard Struber who came over during the pandemic last season wasn’t allowed to manage the side while Bradley Carnell was the Interim Manager was able to see what Clark was all about, scoring his first goals as a 16-year-old down in Atlanta, then adding another one off the bench against Toronto FC in Hartford, Connecticut.

For Struber, he hasn’t managed the club very long but got to see Clark strut his stuff in the opening playoff match against the Columbus Crew as Clark took the lead with an amazing strike. Since the start of this season, Clark has converted four times in five matches all at Red Bull Arena. It is a happy time, but also a sad occasion for Struber who will only have Clark till the end of this season.

“Yes I am sad, of course, Caden is an outstanding player. I am proud of him but there have been so many players I have managed in my past that have made me proud to perform the right way.” said Gerhard Struber, “But you must let them go, what’s his net step. I have other hungry players ready to come up.

“When players like Caden moves to another club, it always saddens me for the moment. But right now he’s here and when he returns from his appendix surgery he will have six months left with us. Hopefully with an outstanding finish and this is my job as a football coach to get the job done. I am happy for him and ready to prepare the next match.

Since Atlanta United has come into the league as an expansion side in 2017, they have had a lot of trouble earning a result against the Red Bulls in the regular season. After taking a lead in their first match of their history, they fell to Mike Grella and scoring an own goal to put them into the loss column by a final of two goals to one.

Since then they haven’t had a full three-point victory due to the Red Bulls getting help from VAR, or them coming back from a deficit, or the having a man advantage and then getting scored on by a rookie by the name of Tom Barlow who put in a brilliant ball past Brad Guzan. Right now this match is up for grabs if the Red Bulls can earn another victory or a proper result in front of a jammed-packed Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

“I think when I watch the games in Atlanta, I saw an outstanding stadium with an outstanding atmosphere. I see a game with a clear identity especially on the ball, I think they have a clear plan, especially with some of the players with good abilities on the ball.” said Struber, “They give much power and focus when they have the ball. They are strong on the ball, it’s a challenge and it will be a hard game at Atlanta.

“My players love to play at this stadium against Atlanta and it would be great to pick up the necessary points down there on Sunday, and we will bring a good performance and an outstanding attitude, we know that they will play on a high level, and we feel we are very close to pick up the points away from home.”

Atlanta United is currently in 10th place in the Eastern Conference with 11 points as the Red Bulls are slightly ahead of them with 12 points, this is going to be another interesting match up as Josef Martinez has returned from his torn ACL injury he suffered at the beginning of the season at Nashville. So it’s time to see what this new batch of young and exciting players are going to do, as they try to add on the woes to the five stripes as they have never earned a winning result against the New York Red Bulls

On an early Thursday morning at the training facility in Hanover, New Jersey, the official news broke as we all expected it to happen as the New York Red Bulls knew this day was coming to transfer their young up-and-coming superstar to their German sister club. Caden Clark who has been dazzling since he was called up from the USL Bulls in the middle of last season has officially been transferred to the German Bundesliga to join other former New York Red Bulls Tyler Adams and head coach Jesse Marsch at Red Bull Leipzig for their 2021-22 season.

“Everyone at the club is very excited for Caden to take the next step in his professional journey,” said Head of Sport Kevin Thelwell. “From the time Caden joined us, I think we all recognized that if he continued to work hard and take advantage of his opportunities, Caden had the potential to move to Europe. We’re delighted to have played a role and helped him make the jump to a top-five league like the Bundesliga.”

Clark will be allowed to remain with the New York Red Bulls, till the end of the season, which means he will have the same type of exit that happened for Tyler Adams before he moved to Europe and started to dazzle over there. We remember Clark’s first MLS goal coming off the substitutes bench against Atlanta United at Mercedes Ben Stadium when he took a rebound chance and smashed it past Brad Guzan, then the next road match against Toronto FC at Rentschler Field in Hartford, Connecticut as he came off the bench and sent a long-distance rip into the near upper 90 that saw Danny Royer put his hands on top of his head in disbelief.

The MEdina, Minnesota native signed with the club as a 16-year-old and joined Red Bulls II in USL Championship in 2020, he scored three goals, and five assists in 12 matches and showed early on he was a big prospect for the club and within Red Bull global soccer. He got his first-team contract with the big club back on October 12, 2020. Since then he has been lighting up the net like there is no tomorrow.

“Caden is a big talent and we are happy to see him take the next step in his career,” said Head Coach Gerhard Struber. “He is a hard-working kid and has a bright future ahead of himself” He was on a four-game home goal-scoring streak till it was snapped against Nashville SC on June 18th, now recovering from Appendectomy surgery, we hope he will get his red hot form back once fully fit.

“I am extremely grateful for the opportunities that the New York Red Bulls have given me,” said Clark. “Being able to not only develop but play significant minutes at USL and MLS here has truly helped me grow professionally. I will continue to do what I can to help this team win its first MLS Cup.”

To notice how special of a player Caden Clark is, his name has already been on the list of two provisional rosters for the US Men’s National Team in the recently played Olympic Qualifiers and now the CONCACAF Gold Cup. While still a teenager, it shows how important of a player he is to the future for current head coach Gregg Berhalter and US Soccer. Until he gets his chance to play for his country, Clark will be allowed to finish his MLS season before his time in the big league in Germany.

But now it’s time to wait for Clark to return to the lineup and watch him continue to grow within our eyes as the next American superstar to grace the pitch here, then do it abroad, and one day wear the colors of the Red, White, and Blue once he gets that special moment. good luck Caden Clark.

The Red Bulls were getting picked apart by the New England Revolution as they were scored on three times with a marvelous display of pinpoint passing from Carles Gil and sadly a mental mistake by their own backline that allowed Gustavo Boa to sprint all the way down the pitch to chip Carlos Coronel and sail away to victory.

But the Red bulls knew they wanted to fight and did so as they converted two goals and brought the victory lap to a screeching halt that forced the Revolution to continue to defend, and sadly not getting that third goal as the Red Bulls lose on the road and failed to come back as they fall three goals to two at Gillette Stadium.

After a strong start to the match by the Red Bulls, the backline was caught ball-watching, as Carles Gil was able to find a seam in the backline and chips a ball towards Tajon Buchanan, who was onside and smacked one inside the back post in the 26th minute. It was a well-worked goal and the reason why Gil is the mystro setting up chances for the Revolution in their current winning streak.

Gil did it again by setting up Dejuan Jones for the second goal of the match six minutes later, but honestly that goal shouldn’t have counted due to a possible foul that wasn’t called by referee Robert Sibiga. Jones and Kyle Duncan had a collision when the ball went back Gil and it looked like Jones fouled Duncan, but the referee decided not to blow the whistle. Another great ball by Gil to Jones and he scored inside the near post.

Gustavo Boa converted his chance in the 51st minute after the Red Bulls took a corner that was deflected away from the Revolution’s net, the problem was the entire backline were positioned deep in the Revs area and Frankie Amaya was the lone Red Bulls player who tried to catch Boa, but sadly didn’t come to fruition as Coronel was chipped. But within the next moments the Red Bulls got on the board with a much needed goal as Patryk Klimala pulled on back in the 53rd minute for his first MLS goal.

Andres Reyes who scored in the last game at Gillette Stadium, scored his second goal of the season with a turn around shot at the top of the area in the 75th minute. Sadly the comeback fell short and the Red Bulls will now travel to the Peach State as they will face Atlanta United this coming Sunday.

“Right now, we are very disappointed. Right now, a bad feeling for me, my coaching team and for every single player. We expect today a good performance over the, the whole game time. We have in some moments, big troubles.” Said Gerhard Struber, “In the end, we have especially in the second half, every single player on the same page with our style of play. The second half show me one more time we have very close to pick up the points but especially against a team on this level, we cannot make breaks in the game.

“In some moments, we are not quick enough, we are not quick enough in the brain, and this was in the end, the topic, why we lose this game and this is in the end, a bad feeling, but we looking forward we have not so much time. Atlanta is coming the next big opponent and right now it’s a bad feeling.”

A tough result and a tough side to lose against, but while they could’ve held their head down, the Red Bulls did fight back, and made a game out of it. You can see the quality from the players, but there is still an issue of either ball watching, injuries and a goalkeeper that has been out of position when he can’t make a solid save when its needed. We shall see what happens this coming weekend.

The New York Red Bulls are on midweek duty this week as they take another trip to the New England region as they return to the razor in Gillette Stadium, The last time they went up to Foxboro against the Revolution it was a tale of two different performances that had the good and the bad that led to one player and one player only.

Andres Reyes who took over Aaron Long’s spot in the Center back position due to a season-ending injury started his Red Bulls campaign with a fantastic goal to open the scoring as he headed in a corner from the near side and drove it home past Matt Turner. Even though the Red Bulls did concede a goal to allow an equalizer, it was the play of Reyes who turned the match upside down, as he earned two yellow cards within a matter of minutes that became red.

Then the mistakes were glaring as they could’ve been even at halftime, but sadly coughed up a second goal when Carlos Coronel peeled off the front post and gave Tajon Buchanan a free chance at goal. In this sense when you lose three goals to one against a side like the Revolution and the way it happened, you would think the Red Bulls should be looking for revenge, but in this sense, it looks like they want to show that they want to prove a point to themselves that game is not who they are.

“We have a very good feeling on Wednesday that we can pick up points, with a similar start like four weeks ago. I think we had things in hand inside the first 25 to 30 minutes, after that we didn’t do well.” said Gerhard Struber, “That’s when New England was very, very difficult. We were the better team with shots and chances and our organization a very good.

“I think we have to bring in a better performance from the first 25 to 30 minutes, over the whole game time, then I think it’s absolutely realistic to get a win throughout this whole game. I know we can do this, we have a lot of respect for New England, but we need to do better on the road to get a positive result.”

So far Tom Edwards has been a solid player since coming off the bench at the Philadelphia Union when he had to replace Amro Tarek due to injury, but the Englishman who was brought over on loan from Stoke has been fantastic so far and has done the job normally as a wingback, then a center back, in the last match against Nashville SC, he was positioned as a defensive midfielder and showed no signs of mistakes or missing a step on the defensive end. While there were those who thought him being taking out of the game was due to an injury, it was more for a tactic change by Struber. Yet it looks like Edwards is getting comfortable with his time here with the Red Bulls.

“We are a very tight group at the moment, par to a few injuries which is unfortunate, and several players are away due to being on international duty, the results have been coming in, and now we have a chance to get a solid result against New England when we get back up there.” said Edwards, ‘We= get up there to New England we will give the same performance like the last time”

For Sean Nealis and his short career right now, he’s had to handle a lot of changes on the backline. Of course, missing Aaron Long due to his season-ending injury is one of them, but injuries are a part of the game as of right now Andrew Gutman is on the mend and close to coming back from his injury to the backline. He’s had to handle the shuffling of different backline partners and you would think it would be very confusing for him, but he’s handled everything very well.

“It’s been a growing experience, of course, it’s a shame that Aaron got hurt, we’ve had a lot of guys step up in the past few weeks, but everyone needs to step up even further. it’s just been great to work in practice with some of the guys and some of the new guys who had just come in.” said Sean Nealis, “These guys have come in and they have stepped up, we are doing better and they have stepped up, I think it’s a work in progress, but we are getting better and tighter as a team. It’s going very well at the moment.”

So the Red Bulls are ready to had up to New England and face the red hot Revolution as they are currently in first place in the Eastern Conference table. The want to show that they can perform better, and not have the mistakes that were made in their last game against this side, after a strong opening first 25 minutes. They know this team under Bruce Arena will be coming at them hard, but at least they want to keep all eleven players on the pitch. Let’s see what will happen on Wednesday night.

After a long international break has come and gone, the New York Red Bulls went back to work to face a Nashville SC Side that hasn’t lost a match at the start of this season, but that all changed after these 90 minutes ended as the New York Red Bulls knocked off their second unbeaten opponent as they took down Nashville SC by a final score of two goals to nil.

Since Fabio came over on loan, he has shown how much of a hard worker he is, trying to get into a position to convert any chances he can finish. While he did assist four times, he would finally get his first goal of the season in the 37th minute as Patryk Klimala punted the ball towards a rushing Fabio and with a one-time volley, Fabio smashes it off the inside of the far post and into the back of the net.

The Red Bulls were looking for a second in the second half and once again the backline would be designated to add to the lead. Kyle Duncan who had a solid restart from the Coronavirus break converted three times last season. He scored his first of the season after Caden Clark passed him the ball. Duncan cut from the near side to the middle of the park and from 22 yards away he ripped a big strike inside the far post in the 56th minute.

The Red Bulls played a fantastic team game all match long, as their defending was superb, and their attack was strong. Carlos Coronel had one big save to deal with, and got some help from the crossbar as Hany Mukhtar drilled a free-kick that didn’t dip enough to give Coronel any issues. This team right now is looking solid, but they need to improve their play away from Red Bull Arena if they want to threaten the New England Revolution for the top spot in the East.

I think a massive win this night against a very difficult opponent. I think we played from the first, second very well in our pairings. I
think we have many, many good moments against the ball. I think I can see the whole time-synchronized pressing.” said Gerhard Struber” I think I can see also, this was also today the next step to come better in our position, come better in better position moments with control. Yeah, when we change our shape a little bit, it was very fluid today and yeah, I think it was the next step. I can see the boys, they handled the situations very flexibly on the ball.

“Right now we can see Fabio’s first goal. I think it’s very important for his confidence. The result, in the end, give everyone a big, big self-confidence for the next big game and also I think that the performance, I think the performance today was very, very good, yeah, and it was, in the end, a result that we deserved with our style of play from the first second until the last second”

Before this international break came, the Red Bull defeated Orlando City who was unbeaten, and after this international break ended the Red Bulls defeated Nashville. Two unbeaten sides were taken down by this young Red Bulls side and are currently in third place in the east as they jumped seven to eight spots at this point in time. Depending on the results from the other games this weekend the Red Bulls are looking like a side that is gelling very well and can be a tough team to play against in this current season.

But for now, the Strikers department has a goal, the club looks to have solid chemistry at the moment, but the only thing that needs to be improved is their road form. Once they get that fixed then they can be a tough side to play against down the road in this season that is Eastern Conference heavy in 2021.

The international break has come and gone with the US Men’s National Team winning the first CONCACAF Nations League title, spanking Costa Rica with a four-goal clean sheet victory, and now it’s time to get back into the club season as the New York Red Bulls should be fit, relaxed and ready to go for their next opponent.

For the first time in the history of the Red Bulls, they will be facing Nashville SC who is placed in the final playoff spot in the east and, are undefeated as well with two wins and five draws. This Nashville SC team has made themselves a name within MLS, but most importantly, inside the Nashville sports scenery.

But the one person everyone is waiting for to make his return to Red Bull Arena is the Manhattan native Alex Muyl who made his debut and scored his first MLS goal in the Red wedding seven-goal destruction at Yankee Stadium. There aren’t a lot of players that are left on the roster who played with Muyl, but the Captain & defensive midfielder Sean Davis remembers his former teammate very well.

“You know Alex is one of my great friends, we shared a lot of awesome moments with the club. When he went to Nashville you can see that he is a winner on the field.” said Davis, “He makes your team better and he is a winner. He does a lot of the dirty work, that many people don’t always appreciate, but it’s not always what you want to see, but he is appreciated for the work that he does.

“It’s no surprise when he went to Nashville last year, it’s not a surprise how well that club had in their run to the playoffs and he made them better on the attack.”

The Red Bulls are missing Christian Casserers Jr. who is on Copa America Duty with the Venezuelan National Team, As we all know he brings plenty of energy to the squad as a winger in the midfield. He is second on the club with three goals as Caden Clark leads with four, the club is going to have to find a way to replicate his production on the pitch.

There have been reports that the Venezuelan National Team has lost players and members of the coaching staff due to the coronavirus running rampant in some areas of South America, while the names weren’t given at this time as to who has been infected, thankfully he was playing in the match against Brazil in the Copa America, and hopefully he can return to the Red Bulls as quickly as possible to continue his fantastic start to his league season

But the Red Bulls are going to have a big challenge in front of them as they will face strong attacking players like former Philadelphia Union striker C.J. Sapong, Dax McCarty, and of course, their most potent goal scorer in Hany Mukhtar who came over in a Designated Player deal from Danish club Brondby and scored four goals last season with Nashville, and is on a good start with three goals this season.

This match will be a real challenge for the Red Bulls as former Colorado Rapids head coach Gary Smith led that side to an MLS Cup Championship back in the 2010 season, so at this point in time, this Nashville SC side can become an issue for the Red Bulls if they aren’t careful. But it will be great to see Alex Muyl return home and perform at Red Bulls Arena, which I believe he will enjoy seeing family and friends again in his only visit back to the New York City area.

There was something special about this young 24 year old Brazilian when he came over to Red Bull Arena. While he hasn’t scored goals yet, he has been active & assisted four times to give the Red Bulls some help to take the lead. That man is Fabio as the club has extended his loan till the end of this current 2021 MLS Season.

“We are very happy to extend Fábio through the end of this season,” said Head of Sport Kevin Thelwell. “He has been able to fit in with the team, both on-and-off the field, in such a short amount of time and hope to have continued success while he is here.” Ever since he came over to MLS from his Brazilian Club Oeste F.C. and that means we can hopefully see him pair up with Polish youth International Patryck Klimala to add on to the attacking runs that the Red Bulls need to convert chances and get wins.

His silky smooth runs with the ball have been fun to watch and very soon once this international break is officially over, he can start putting the ball into the back of the net, Until then, he is working hard, smart and he has been a fun treat to watch. Ever since the Red Bulls have gone towards the youth movement, they have shown very strongly that these players are the future of the club and that they trust their academy. Developing fantastic players as well as getting them ready for the big stage & the international competition

“We have a big trust in Fábio and excited to have him for the remainder of the year,” said Head Coach Gerhard Struber. “He has been able to learn our system and make an impact already. We hope to see more success from him throughout the year.”So far this is a good move by the Red Bulls to keep Klimala with the club, but hopefully, they see plenty of positives to show them and the opportunity to be there when the cub throws out the loan deal and the league can give him a brand new deal and remain here to give him a big opportunity to have his lights flashing on broadway

The rivalry between Mexico and the United States in international Soccer has always been hard-nosed, grinding, and if you want to say CONCACAF-ey moments that shake your head, then, by all means, you have every right to think that. But in the next chapter of this big rivalry in the confederation, this one took the cake as the US Men’s National Team battled hard to take three goals to two victory inside Extra Time.

Nearly 40,000 fans from both the USA and Mexico filled Empower Field at Mile High to watch a spectacular CONCACAF Nations League Final that had everything you want when these two sides are battling for a trophy and it wasn’t disappointing at all. Drama on each and every minute of the match was explosive and the fireworks started off early inside the opening minutes of the match.

Mexico got the lead early with a goal off a poor error from former Philadelphia Union Center back Mark McKenzie in the second minute As the Mexican attack was trying to get thwarted down the near side, McKenzie tried to play the ball back out to a teammate, or tried to clear it out over the near side touchline, his pass failed him and continued the run for Mexico. Jesus Corona got inside the area and blasted the ball top shelf past Zack Steffen inside the near post. for the early lead.

Mexico, later on, did convert a second goal as they took a short corner at the near side, which was crossed inside the area to a wide-open Corona who buried the ball with ease, but there looked to be a hint of offside on the play, which was why VAR (Video Assistant Referee) was in play during the Nations League Semis, 3rd place match & Final, showed that a Mexican attacker was just offside when the ball was crossed for the goal. a Lucky break for the USA and in the 27th minute, they took their chance to equalize.

They earned a corner along the near side of the field and it would be Christian Pulisic to deliver the ball inside the Mexican area, As Weston McKennie tried to head the ball past Guillermo Ochoa, he hit the post on the far side, but Gio Reyna was in the right place to hit the rebound home to beat Ochoa and he celebrated scoring his first goal of the rivalry in the 27th minute. You also enjoyed the scenes of his father Claudio Reyna and his family celebrating that achievement in the stands.

When the second half began, we didn’t expect tragedy and magic to happen at the same time. As the match continued for both sides, there was an injury to Zack Steffen after he grabbed the ball and wanted to distribute it back in play, but he pulled up lame. After several minutes to try and get back up to continue Gregg Berhalter made the decision to sub-Steffen out for Ethan Horvath in the 69th minute and later in the match, that substitute would pay dividends.

Sadly the USA gave the lead back to Mexico ten minutes later as Tim Ream did not stop the chance from Diego Lainez who made him go back and forth many times, before cutting inside Ream’s right and blasting the ball inside the near post. but in the 82nd minute, the USA would tie it up again. Another corner was given along the near side and this time it was Reyna that would deliver it. As the ball whipped in, Weston McKennie leaped up against and with a power header squeezed the ball between the post and Ochoa to equalize for the second time in the match.

Then it was off to extra time and more fireworks exploded in the second half as VAR got involved again. In the 109th minute, it looked like Carlos Salcedo took the ball away cleanly, and then Pulisic was taken down, but after VAR showed the play to the referee it was clear that it was a foul inside the area and the USA earned a penalty. Pulisic took the spot-kick and drove the ball high above Ochoa in the 114th minute to give the USA the lead, but on the other side of the field, the USA gave a penalty to Mexico through AR as Mark McKenzie handled the ball.

The dangerous Andreas Guardado who came on into this game a substitute would take the spot-kick against Ethan Horvath and when he drilled it hard to his left, Horvath leaped to his right and made the biggest save in his early National Team career. Putting out his right hand and pushing the ball away to the far side, and the cheers in the stands got so loud for the biggest moment in the match.

After the final whistle had blown to end Extra Time and the match, the US Men’s National Team won the inaugural CONCACAF Nations League Championship and the celebration was going on all over Denver, Colorado as the fireworks were fired across the Stadium and the confetti blasting all over the field. While this tournament was celebrating a CONCACAF Champion, we will do it all over again in July when the Gold Cup begins in early July. so enjoy this moment USA fans, as we do it all over again within a few weeks.

It was a strong night for the US Men’s National Team, as they took on a tough, veteran Honduras side that wanted to prove they are one of the best in the confederation of CONCACAF, but within the final moments of regulation, the USA converted in the 89th minute to reach their very first CONCACAF Nations League Final.

This moment was Jordan Siebatcheu’s to shine as the Substitute got into a good position to power header that ball into the back of the net. It was a fantastic cross from John Brooks who found Weston McKennie along the near side and then he headed the ball across the middle of the Honduran area, as he found Siebatcheu wide open, and then he scored the lone goal of the match to give the USA the first spot in the Championship Final on Sunday, June 6th.

The USA had a solid opening 45 minutes attacking the Honduran net and nearly got the opening goal early. Giovanni Reyna entered the area within the first 10 minutes of the match, made a double move on two Honduran defenders, and ripped the shot towards the back post, sadly he couldn’t tuck it inside the post. Chrisitan Pulisic did make some solid runs, but unfortunately, he was stopped by Luis Lopez several times.

There was a moment where Zack Steffen might have allowed Honduras to get an early goal, after the free-kick was crossed in, Steffen put himself into no man’s land allowing an open goal to get abused, but when Josh Sargent saw the error in front of him, he found a way to get ahead of the attacker, flick headed the ball off the goal line and then it was cleared. There was a bit of a skirmish inside the USA area afterward, the danger was cleared and the match remained scoreless.

While this was a gritty win for the USA, there are still a few issues. Tyler Adams is recovering from his back injury and hopefully, he can return in the final or during the Gold Cup this coming July, because the backline was exposed many times in the second half, Steffen once again showed a lack of positioning and concentration for no reason, I understand that he is Greg Berhalter’s number 1 starter since his days with the Columbus Crew, yet he didn’t get consistent playing time at Manchester City.

Were Berhalter’s tactics correct? yes, but once again, he has to fill his holes with players that need to be at the ready and can play the same game, as those he is relying on that are recovering from injury during their long seasons in MLS or in Europe. Right now this performance is good enough to squeak out a win against Honduras who continues to concede late goals within the final ten minutes of the match, not against a stronger side like Mexico who has a better head coach in Tata Martino.

While Mexico couldn’t score against Costa Rica in the other Semi-Final, they did however win the penalty shootout to claim the second position for the Championship final. So the stage is set for Sunday, June 6th at Empower Field at Mile High. at 9 PM Eastern, 6 PM Pacific as these rivals will meet, as they attempt to become the first-ever champion of the CONCACAF Nations League. Then we get to the Gold Cup in July, then the final round of World Cup Qualifying in September.

This will be the most exciting run and summer of soccer that we will have in 2021.

The New York Red Bulls made a move to get more money for future considerations as they traded striker Brian White to the Vancouver Whitecaps for $400,000 in General Allocation Money (GAM). The Red Bulls could also receive an additional $100,000 if Brian White does meet certain performance-based metrics.

Brian White was drafted by the Red Bulls back in January of 2018 by Head Coach Jesse Marsch & Sporting Director DenisHamlett. He scored his first MLS goal in a rescheduled midweek matchup against the Houston Dynamo on Wednesday, August 18th. The Flemington, New Jersey Native then scored ten goals in 2019 after Bradley Wright-Phillips went down with a pulled groin that sidelined him for the majority of the season.

“We’d like to thank Brian for his contributions to the club,” said Head of Sport Kevin Thelwell. “He has made great strides as a professional since being drafted and has always represented the organization well on and off the field. We wish Brian all the best in this next stage of his career.”

In the COVID-19 season last year, White scored four times and scored a playoff goal at the Columbus Crew in three goals to two loss at Historic Crew Stadium last season. White is a hard-working forward that always tried to find space to put himself into position. The hope was to have him and Tom Barlow paired up top and become that new attacking duo after Bradley Wright-Phillips left the club.

“Brian set a great example of what it means to be a Red Bull player on the field and he was also a leader in the community,” said Head Coach Gerhard Struber. “As a staff, we’re thankful for our time with Brian and we wish him only the best.”

So now the Red Bulls might have a chance to add money to attempt to purchase Fabio’s contract and remove the loan, but they may have different plans, depending on who they continue to bring over players and add to the roster. But until we see some more movement, the Red Bulls are staying put at where they are. Until then enjoy the International Break and take it easy.

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