Red Bulls comeback falls short at the Revolution

The Red Bulls were getting picked apart by the New England Revolution as they were scored on three times with a marvelous display of pinpoint passing from Carles Gil and sadly a mental mistake by their own backline that allowed Gustavo Boa to sprint all the way down the pitch to chip Carlos Coronel and sail away to victory.

But the Red bulls knew they wanted to fight and did so as they converted two goals and brought the victory lap to a screeching halt that forced the Revolution to continue to defend, and sadly not getting that third goal as the Red Bulls lose on the road and failed to come back as they fall three goals to two at Gillette Stadium.

After a strong start to the match by the Red Bulls, the backline was caught ball-watching, as Carles Gil was able to find a seam in the backline and chips a ball towards Tajon Buchanan, who was onside and smacked one inside the back post in the 26th minute. It was a well-worked goal and the reason why Gil is the mystro setting up chances for the Revolution in their current winning streak.

Gil did it again by setting up Dejuan Jones for the second goal of the match six minutes later, but honestly that goal shouldn’t have counted due to a possible foul that wasn’t called by referee Robert Sibiga. Jones and Kyle Duncan had a collision when the ball went back Gil and it looked like Jones fouled Duncan, but the referee decided not to blow the whistle. Another great ball by Gil to Jones and he scored inside the near post.

Gustavo Boa converted his chance in the 51st minute after the Red Bulls took a corner that was deflected away from the Revolution’s net, the problem was the entire backline were positioned deep in the Revs area and Frankie Amaya was the lone Red Bulls player who tried to catch Boa, but sadly didn’t come to fruition as Coronel was chipped. But within the next moments the Red Bulls got on the board with a much needed goal as Patryk Klimala pulled on back in the 53rd minute for his first MLS goal.

Andres Reyes who scored in the last game at Gillette Stadium, scored his second goal of the season with a turn around shot at the top of the area in the 75th minute. Sadly the comeback fell short and the Red Bulls will now travel to the Peach State as they will face Atlanta United this coming Sunday.

“Right now, we are very disappointed. Right now, a bad feeling for me, my coaching team and for every single player. We expect today a good performance over the, the whole game time. We have in some moments, big troubles.” Said Gerhard Struber, “In the end, we have especially in the second half, every single player on the same page with our style of play. The second half show me one more time we have very close to pick up the points but especially against a team on this level, we cannot make breaks in the game.

“In some moments, we are not quick enough, we are not quick enough in the brain, and this was in the end, the topic, why we lose this game and this is in the end, a bad feeling, but we looking forward we have not so much time. Atlanta is coming the next big opponent and right now it’s a bad feeling.”

A tough result and a tough side to lose against, but while they could’ve held their head down, the Red Bulls did fight back, and made a game out of it. You can see the quality from the players, but there is still an issue of either ball watching, injuries and a goalkeeper that has been out of position when he can’t make a solid save when its needed. We shall see what happens this coming weekend.

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